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“Discovering the Self: A Guided Journal on Identity” Unveiled by The 5 Minute Library and Emacity World

India, Pune – The 5 Minute Library, in collaboration with Emacity World, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest venture, “Discovering the Self: A Guided Journal on Identity.” This transformative journal is designed to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery, offering a unique and engaging approach to exploring the depths of one’s identity.


“Discovering the Self” is a collaborative creation by The 5 Minute Library and Emacity World, two esteemed brands committed to fostering personal growth and self-awareness. The journal combines The 5 Minute Library’s expertise in curating thoughtful content and Emacity World’s passion for empowering individuals to live authentically.


This guided journal is more than just a collection of blank pages; it is a carefully crafted companion for those seeking to delve into the layers of their identity. Drawing inspiration from diverse perspectives, the journal prompts thought-provoking questions and provides insightful exercises to encourage introspection and self-reflection.


Key Features of “Discovering the Self: A Guided Journal on Identity”:


Thoughtful Prompts: The journal is filled with carefully curated prompts that prompt deep contemplation, encouraging individuals to explore their values, passions, and aspirations.


Creative Exercises: Engaging and creative exercises are interspersed throughout the journal, designed to stimulate the mind and promote self-expression.


100% Research-Backed Personal Growth Insights: Readers can expect to gain valuable insights into their own personalities, beliefs, and goals through the unique structure of the journal.


Expert Collaboration: The collaboration between The 5 Minute Library and Emacity World brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of personal development and self-discovery.


300 Pages of Beautiful Design: The journal is not only a tool for introspection but also a visually appealing keepsake, featuring elegant design elements that enhance the overall experience.


Some more features of the book: 

Pages: 300 

Cover: Paperback 

MRP inclusive of GST: INR 2499 


“We are excited to present ‘Discovering the Self: A Guided Journal on Identity,’ a project that goes beyond the conventional notion of journaling. This is a tool for self-discovery, a companion for critical thinking, and the foundation of a strong personal brand. In a world that profits from compartmentalising individuals, self-awareness is the sharpest weapon we can hone.” said Piyushi Sharma, Co-curator of ‘Discovering the Self: A Guided Journal on Identity’


“We wanted a journal that was more than an empty notebook with an aesthetically designed cover. ‘Discovering the Self’ is informative, well-researched, and interactive—it’s your own space to fill, explore, think, learn, and unlearn about yourself. It’s an invitation to pause, reflect, and grow. I am very excited to hear feedback from all those who use it and to improve it for future editions.” said Yuktha Bhadane, Co-curator of ‘Discovering the Self: A Guided Journal on Identity’ 


“Discovering the Self: A Guided Journal on Identity” is now available at (https://journal.the5minutelibrary.in/). For more information about the journal and the collaboration between The 5 Minute Library and Emacity World, please visit here. 


About The 5 Minute Library:

At 5 Minute Library, we strive to meet the individual needs of our community members by delivering engaging media across numerous platforms. For days when you need inspiration, our media provides stories and ideas; and on days when you wish to play around with your creative energy, we provide avenues to harness it.


Our podcast, The 5 Minute Library, where we aim to foster a reading culture among Millenials and Gen Z is up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, JioSaavn, Audible and Google Podcasts. We have grown our listener base to over 80 countries in 24 months of launching The 5 Minute Library, with host Piyushi Sharma in 2021.


About Emacity World:

Emacity, initially a sustainable fashion leader, has transformed into a Learning Collective, a significant evolution from a fashion and lifestyle brand to a driver of change and impactful transformations. Founded by Gen Z entrepreneurs during the global pandemic, Emacity disrupted fashion norms with GOTS-certified, ethically made apparel featuring minimalist designs. As a Learning Collective, Emacity focuses on sustainability, education, and ethical practices. Our goal is to empower our audience, promote global transformation, and encourage conscious living. Our latest collaboration with The 5 Minute Library on the ‘Discovering the Self’ journal reflects this mission, providing valuable insights and resources for personal growth.


Emacity World represents adaptability, innovation, and purpose-driven change, inspiring sustainable living and lifelong learning. We are committed to shaping a more sustainable and enlightened future.



About Piyushi Sharma: 

Piyushi Sharma is a Gen Z entrepreneur and a communications professional, currently working with a Big 4 firm and specialising in the field of personal branding and podcasting. With experience in journalism, public speaking, brand strategy and management, and a mix of B2B and B2C marketing, she drives her corporate communications career along with her brand, The 5 Minute Library. 


She co-founded The 5 Minute Library during the COVID-19 lockdown, initially as a literary podcast with book reviews and author interviews, which eventually scaled to develop ‘Discovering the Self’ guided journal and workshops on personal branding. She is passionate about mentoring and developing the next generation of communications professionals and has served as a mentor to many students across industries. 


​Her hobbies include reading, playing tennis, and hunting for the next best self-development tool.


About Yuktha Bhadane: 

Yuktha Bhadane, is an entrepreneur and Cornell University graduate student in Applied Economics, embodies initiative and self-confidence. Her journey is marked by diverse achievements, from curating knowledge-driven events, to co-founding a sustainable online lifestyle store during her undergrad and developing gender-specific policy frameworks at United Nations Women for the Government of India. Central to Yuktha’s story is her commitment to self-discovery, a path she embarked on at a young age. This journey of self-improvement led her from diary entries as a child to painting in her teens, and eventually to journaling in her twenties, underscoring the importance of self-expression and reflection.


Yuktha’s life, rich in learning and experiences, is driven by a quest for fulfillment, discovery, and meaningful contributions. Co-presenting this guided journal, she aims to offer a scientific yet accessible tool for anyone eager to embark on their journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


Press Contact:

Piyushi Sharma


+91 8788381181 


The 5 Minute Library

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